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You put your body through a lot of physical strain on a day-to-day basis.

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What To Expect

You may be a little apprehensive about chiropractic treatments, so we ensure you are greeted with a smile at our clinic. To relieve you of any nervous feelings you may be experiencing we aim to welcome you into a friendly environment with approachable staff. You should feel at ease when you come to Aligned Chiropractic.

Establish Your Health History

We will ask that you complete our health history form so that we can establish a background of your health. Your chiropractor will then complete a series of tests to develop an understanding of your problem as well as determine the right course of action. This examination will investigate your orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic health. The result of these tests will indicate your next step toward better health.

Receive Your First Adjustment

If a chiropractic method of treatment aligns with the results of your examination you may receive your first adjustment immediately. Prior to this occurring however, you will be informed of how chiropractic methods are executed as well as what to expect from your treatment. We ensure you have a full understanding of the chiropractic process and any risks involved before performing any treatment.

Follow Up Visit

After your initial consultation and treatment we will request you see us again to discuss the results of your adjustment and how you responded. You will then receive specific and detailed recommendations relative to your individual treatment. This second visit allows you to have a conversation with your chiropractor about what you hope to achieve from further treatment.

Chiropractic Care

We take a 3 step approach to your care – symptomatic, corrective and health. Following these steps we aim to reduce your pain and symptoms, correct poor habits and reduced spinal movement as well as offer you long term health solutions through proper health care maintenance.

Many people discover that chiropractic care may do a lot more than treat their current ailments. Regular visits may help you to maintain a full range of movement and ensure you achieve your health goals.

Corrective Care

This stage is aimed at providing ways to correct the long-term habits which may have caused your initial problems. We aim to retrain your spinal movements to a more fluid and natural action to avoid returning to poor spinal and joint health. This may require persistent care and treatments over an extended period of time. We ensure to measure your progress regularly and make any adjustments necessary to your treatment.

Health Care

Good diet, exercise and proper physical function and movement are important to an overall improvement to your health. We offer regular chiropractic care to help maintain your body’s new and corrected function. This may help to address any minor issues as they arise rather than waiting until they result in major problems.

Your body may heal at different rates when compared to others, so your treatment is fully tailored to your needs. To discuss our methods or to book an appointment feel free to contact us at Aligned Chiropractic. Call (07) 4927 2131 for a discussion with one of our staff today.

Symptomatic Care

We aim to reduce your symptoms and pain in the fastest and most effective way possible. As the most intensive stage, we focus on restoring your joint function and reducing any inflammation.